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Always With Intention

Set of Intention Clips™

Set of Intention Clips™

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With one glance, Intention Clips serve as a consistent reminder for deep breathing, focus, and living intentionally. They're like a modern day, eco-friendly, post-it note that you can take anywhere. Slide on to your yoga mat, a keychain, your laptop, your refrigerator...anywhere you need a visual reminder to pause, focus on an intention, and remember what is important.

For Yoga: Simply slide onto the edge of your mat to get the most out of each practice by promoting focus and deepening your connection with your intentions. Your eyes naturally gravitate towards the Intention Clip as you move through your practice, guiding your focus and drawing your attention back to your breath and chosen intention.

For Life: A keyring is included to make your clips a portable reminder to maintain a mindful presence, no matter where life takes you.

This set includes the following:


Made with durable silicone, featuring a strong N-52 magnet to secure to your yoga mat and a metal keyring for easy transport.


Each Clip Measures About:

2.25" in Length (6cm)

.75" in Width (2cm)

Care Instructions

Handle your clips with care to prevent stretching or misshaping. Avoid excessive bending, pulling, or twisting that could compromise its integrity.

Use a mild soap or a gentle yoga mat cleaner and warm water to wash the clip.

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