Tips for Incorporating Gratitude Into Everyday Life

Tips for Incorporating Gratitude Into Everyday Life

Everyone throws around the word "gratitude" like it's confetti, especially during this time of year. However, its trendiness shouldn't deter you from incorporating it into your daily life, because gratitude has been proven to generate some truly positive benefits. 

Research has connected gratitude to including less aches and pain, better sleep, more happiness, and less blues. And guess what? Practicing gratitude can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed. 

Morning Rituals

Start your day by identifying one thing you're looking forward to, suggests therapist Lea Seigen Shinraku. If you draw a blank, roll with the fact that everything changes, or the support of friends or your ability to navigate challenges. And don't forget to take a big, deep breath – and feel that nourishment on the inhale, and let it all relax on the exhale.

As you step out of bed, a simple "thank you" for your feet hitting the floor, as advised by artist and author Ronnie Walter. It’s a simple move that sets the vibe for the day.

At Work

Take a minute during mid-morning or mid-afternoon to appreciate nature or a kind interaction. Give a shout-out to a co-worker or client, either in person or through a quick email. Create triggers for gratefulness throughout the day, like pausing to find three things to be grateful for when hearing certain words.

Lunch Break

Before eating, reflect on the chain of events that led to your meal, acknowledging the whole journey your meal took to land in front of you. Shout out to Mother Nature, the farmer, the trucker – the whole squad. Recognize the fortune of having a nourishing meal in front of you.

Before Bed

An hour before bedtime, set aside 20 minutes to write a letter expressing gratitude to someone who has inspired or helped you. This practice, highlighted in a 2016 study, has proven mental health benefits. You can also end the day with a gratitude meditation or simply name a few things you appreciated about your day.

The beauty of gratitude lies in its accessibility—no major life changes are required; just a shift in perspective. You can practice gratitude anytime, anywhere, so why not start right now??

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