Intention Clips On A Yoga Mat

Finding the Perfect Spot: Where To Attach Intention Clips on Your Yoga Mat

So - you've got your Intention Clips and you're headed to yoga class. You've chosen an intention for your practice, and you find a place to unroll your mat - now, where do you place your Intention Clip? Positioning your Intention Clip(s) towards the top edge of their yoga mat might be your first instinct, however, you may find that attaching a clip to the middle of your mat makes it more visible throughout your flow. For example, if your practice involves sun salutations or downward dog poses, try sliding the clip to the middle edge of your mat. This strategic move ensures that, even when looking beneath you, the clip remains within your line of sight, redirecting your focus to your intention. 

Experimenting with placement doesn't stop there. If you're immersing yourself in twists and standing poses, sliding the clip towards the end of your mat may make it more visible during each turn and rise. The goal is to place the clip within your peripherals - where they will be noticed and visible throughout your practice. The beauty of Intention Clips lies in their adaptability to your unique practice – they can be positioned to wherever your yoga poses guide your line of sight.

And of course, their versatility doesn't end with the mat. Maybe you clip them onto your yoga props, like on the edge of your favorite Shavasana blanket. Try using the included keyring and clipping one to your water bottle; as you take a sip you'll subtly be reminded to refocus on your intention. Clip them onto straps, blankets, or any accessory that aligns with your practice, transforming ordinary props into powerful tools for mindfulness.

Life is distracting. Runaway thoughts are commonplace. Recentering your mind can be difficult. We all can use reminders to be mindful; so whether you attach an Intention Clip to your mat, your water bottle, a keychain, or your refrigerator, it only takes one glance to be reminded of what's truly important.

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