How Fettuccine Alfredo Led to the Creation of Intention Clips

How Fettuccine Alfredo Led to the Creation of Intention Clips

Hi there, I am Jessica. I am thrilled to share with you how my idea for Intention Clips was born, however I also have never written a blog post, so bear with me...

Like many of us, I struggle with anxiety and focus. And just like everyone else, I have tried many different treatments and therapies to feel better.

Eventually I found my way to yoga classes for anxiety and stress relief. I learned that breathing and setting an intention are two of the main fundamentals of yoga, but I quickly realized it was difficult for me to maintain either one, and therefore I wasn't getting the most out of my classes. I would flow through class with my thoughts jumping around from work, to relationships, to fettuccuine alfredo, and finally, to anxious thoughts like "Why can't I remember to breathe in and out??" and "Why am I pondering over various types of pasta right now??"

The only way I could keep myself focused during practice was to physically duct tape cues and intentions to my mat. These visual reminders actually began to help me! It wasn't long before other yogis began to notice my duct-taped messages on my mat. They shared that they also consistently struggled with focus while practicing, and the idea for the Intention Clip was born.

Life is distracting, isn't it? If you've made it this far down in this blog post, I commend you! We are told to take “deep breaths” to slow down, but its so easy to forget to breathe in moments of panic and stress. We are told to focus on the bigger picture, but it can be difficult to do that without a prompt. Intention clips serve as just that; a visual reminder to bring your focus to what is important. They exist to help increase mindfulness and train your brain to re-focus on breathing, being present, and living with intention.

I hope you find Intention Clips as useful as I do - and use them constant source of inspiration to help you stay focused, centered, and aligned with your positive intentions.

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